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Warranty type maintenance
Posted by on 17 February 2014 11:05 AM


Companies providing after sales service often provide warranties on their products. Warranty data controls processing throughout Service/Support Management. For installed items, the warranty determine both Coverage and Terms of Service



Warranty Type Maintenance: Enter code for Warranty Type

End User Type: Optionally, enter end user type

Press enter or click on next to continue

Description: Enter description of Warranty Type

Product Line: Enter product Line

Duration: Enter length of time in days for warranty period

Response: How quickly we will provide service post initialization of the call

Response Time UM: Indicate what response time Unit of Measure will be, days, minutes, hours etc…….

Restocking Charge: Do you charge a % for restocking

Call Price List: Optionally enter a call price list

Credit Price List: Optionally, enter a credit price list

Ship Before Return: Do you ship before item has been returned? Yes/No

RMA Only: Is this part only, or also on site support

Comments: Optionally, add comments

Priority: Indicate priority rating starting point

Press enter or click on next to continue

Day: When are you available to work on this warranty – days?

Start: When do you start your shift?

End Mid: When do you break for lunch?

Start Mid: When do you return from lunch?

End: When do you complete your shift?

Total: Yes = maximum amount for lifetime of warranty type, No = amount for this invoice

Invoice Sort: Enter either Invoice sort or work code

Work Code: Enter either Invoice sort or work code

Press enter or click on next to continue

Service Category: Select appropriate service category

Start Date: Enter start Date

Press enter or click on next to continue

End Date: Optionally, leave end date blank

Limit Amount: Enter either total limit amount or amount per sector, dependant on total box above.

Used/Consume: Auto populated box

% Coverage: Indicate % of coverage

Detail: If total is set to No, additional detail frame can be displayed.

Press enter or click on next to continue

List Price Limit: Enter list price limit

Charge Code: Enter Charge Code

Over Limit Charge Code: Enter over limit charge code

Press enter or click on next to continue, then press back twice to complete the screen.

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